Exploratorium Exhibit

We built interactive brain technology lab at the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco. It ran from January 28 to March 1, 2015. Get a taste of our delicious design work at the ExploreCogTech exhibit website.

The Cognitive Technologies lab was featured in a number of media outlets, including Make Magazine, the East Bay ExpressPlinth, the Berkeley Science Review, and the EyeWire Blog.


An API for Physiology

How can we connect the ecosystem of biosensor devices to produce powerful analytics that drive future applications? See more at the Cloudbrain website.

BCI Development

Brain computer interfaces (BCI) enable communication between the brain and an external device. While BCI’s have been developed in academic laboratories for decades, the OpenBCI is the first low-cost, open-source neural interface available to the consumer market. We have the unique opportunity to collaborate directly with OpenBCI to develop the software library for the first public release of the OpenBCI board. See the code here.

In April 2015, our BCAPI project won “Best Overall Project” and “Best IT for Society Project” at the Berkeley Big Ideas competition.

 Independent Psychology Research

We’re creating software tools for independent research in psychology and neuroscience.

 Community Building

We aim to facilitate conversation between creators in creators in the neurotechnology space about how we can collaborate to create projects that have a positive impact.